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Any place, even a flyspeck town like Archer City, is rich with images. And for the writer, an image is a place to start, the doorway to perception, the channel through which we can begin to grasp a place and the people who make that place their home. The flashing stoplight downtown, for instance…


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 The intersection of Center and Main is where Archer City meets day and night, usually on one’s way to somewhere else. All our writers pass under the stoplight, the only one in town. 


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To the writers, the stoplight is a beacon calling them to the place where they’re born as writers.  The stoplight isn’t the only powerful image in Archer City, but it sure has a good story…

Read about the stoplight in Eric Nishimotos’ Everybody Stops and Matt Jones’ The Stoplight.  



The Epically True Tale of an Ice Cream Calamity

by Lauren Levine (2014 writer)

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Tragedy has officially struck…there is no ice cream at the Dairy Queen.  “Excuse me, can I have y’alls attention,” calls out the frazzled, brown-haired manager over our workshop groups’ chatter. “The machine is broken.” More ominous words have yet to be uttered in this culinary Mecca of Archer City.

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It’s a sweltering Monday afternoon in Archer City, the home place of author Larry McMurtry and the setting of many of his renowned novels. The dry July heat is unrelenting…

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by Kathy Floyd (2013 writer)

Are they objects of beauty, the giant pinwheels that rise out of the mesquite and brush? Their long blades turn with easy grace in the hot, dry Texas breeze, transforming that energy into the fuel that powers all our comforts and new-fangled gadgets. Or, are they soldiers of white steel and fiberglass, marching across the shortgrass?

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