Notes from the Auction Ring

Dyp1_2July 24, 2013

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A group of Archer City writers embarked on an eye-opening adventure: to check out a nearby cattle auction barn.  They came home with stories of the day that sent them traveling back in time, to memories of their own lives dealing with livestock.  




By Lori Dann

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She must be scared. Terrified, actually. Why is she here, standing in front of these strangers in cowboy hats? Where is her grass, her wide-open spaces?

She must long for the monotony of her everyday life. The silence and comfort of her massive pasture. It’s loud here. Too loud.

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AuctionDyp8_1On the Farm

by Harry Hall

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“Did you ever look at a cow or a pig? They’re ugly. We’re doing them a favor by eating them. It saves them from having to look at each other. But a horse is a noble beast.”

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This paraphrased quote from Col. Potter of M*A*S*H came to mind when I heard Lori Dann speak of how the cows’ day was disrupted and ultimately ended.

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AuctionDyp2_1Cowboy Down

by Eric Nishimoto

I hate cattle auctions.

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The last time I attended one was when I had to liquidate our thoroughbred longhorns. They were just several head, not enough to call a herd. I call them “a handful” because they were.  We bought them in 2005, right before we moved to Texas from California.

Some wealthy ranchers persuaded me that longhorns were a fabulous investment.

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