Framing Archer

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In visual art, framing is intended to direct a viewer’s attention back into a scene or a character, and that’s the intent of Framing Archer County. We want our viewers to see the people and places of Archer County in a new light, in part by the way we “frame” and present them in this section of Center & Main.

 Some stories are best told without words.


Notes from the Auction Ring


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July 24, 2013 — A group of Archer City writers embarked on an eye-opening adventure: to check out a nearby cattle auction barn.  They came home with stories of the day that sent them traveling back in time, to memories of their own lives dealing with livestock.   


Jackie Lane—The Last Real Cowgirl

Image by Danny Fulgencio



3 thoughts on “Framing Archer

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    My love, adoration, awe, respect and confusion I have from knowing this woman is overflowing. And trying to find the right words to explain it is almost impossible. I love her because she lets you love her and she loves you back. I adore her because she has raised a wonderful son despite circumstances in their lives. I am in awe because of what she can do. I respect her because she is willing to be herself inside and out, regardless. I am confused because she did not follow the norm of an educated woman.
    But Jackie Lane has also served as an inspiration for me because of her kindness, and her honesty with people and with herself. Her light shines, and I never think of Jackie without a smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart.

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      Each year, I bring a group of writers to Archer City who are desperate to discover their place in the literary firmament. Most of them find their place in Jackie Lane’s backyard garden, under the stars. The horse whisperer is able to read the writers like she reads her horses – by closely observing their body language. The writers are always shocked by Jackie’s ability to quickly expose their insecurities, phobias, poor self-image, aimlessness, bad habits and bad behaviors that each of them tries to hide from her. And once their dark secrets are brought to the surface, Jackie insists that none of them have anything to worry about because their insecurities and phobias and bad habits and all the rest are, in fact, what makes them writers. And that’s why in my book Jackie is the best writing coach on the planet.

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