by Kensy Hutt

Inside Plain Jane’s beauty parlor, a one bedroom apartment where women of Archer City let their hair down and then backcomb it up.

“Well, I’m gonna go,” says McQuitta, as she steps her foot out the beauty salon door.

“I got to go ladies.”

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Before McQuitta steps out the door into the gravel driveway, Jane says, “Well, I missed the whole deal yesterday at the courthouse. I forgot it was that day, and I should have gone up there.”

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“Well, I couldn’t go; I was too sick to go,” says McQuitta, while moving back into the salon. “I ate too much fruit the day before. I love fruit! And umm, I’d eat bananas and strawberries, but the bananas were the culprit. Have you ever peeled a banana and sliced it? Not long ways, but in chunks and froze it?”

“No,” says Katherine, as she sat in the chair while Jane cuts away at her silver hair.

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“Well, I did that; I do that. I eat too much of it. I really don’t get hungry for real food. And I just want you to know that yesterday, I woke up and I was a mess!”

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“That is the first thing I do in the morning is eat a banana,” says Katherine. “Well, I eat half a banana and Roy eats the other half. I want to get my potassium for the day.”

“Well, I don’t know how many I ate. I just cut them up in chunks, put them in a Ziploc bag, and freeze them,” says McQuitta.

“Well, I’ve never heard of that.”

“Yes, and when I get hungry for them, I just go in and get them.”

“Well, yeah, they ruin so quickly. You keep ‘em a while.”

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“Yeah, they are good. They are good; it’s kind of like eating ice cream. Bill said, ‘Honey, I guess you know bananas are filled with potassium?’ And I said, ‘Yes, Bill.’ I figure mine are low, and I’m going to eat all of them I want.”

“Well, you know they will kind of mess you up on too much,” says Jane.

“OOOOH, they did mess me up, honey,” says McQuitta. “I spent the whole day!”

“Well, what I do is put them in my blender, put my protein packets in, and blend them all up,” says Jane.

“I do that too,” says McQuitta. “But, anyway, I ate too much fruit. Of course, I had so many surgeries; I have to be so careful with what I eat.”

“Well, do you think bananas is constipating?” asks Katherine.

“O Lordy, yes! If you eat too many or too much or have a tendency to be that way. Like I say, I spent the whole day yesterday. Like when I think I’d be through, I had to go do some more. And I know it’s from my fruit; all I ate was bananas.”


Kensy Gordon



Kensy Hutt (AC ’12) is currently an adjunct instructor for Sierra Nevada College. She graduated from the Mayborn School of Journalism in 2012. She plans on pursuing a PhD in women’s studies to empower women through writing.

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